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DIAMOND PAPERS, located in São Paulo - Brazil, is a manufacturing business of special papers since 2003, when developed for the first time in the country, papers with a colorful soul.

The papers from DIAMOND PAPERS have a unique brightness and rare value, inspirited by the universe of minerals and by the satin of pearls; elegant, refined, delicate as diamonds brightness, sumptuous in their highest form of sophistication.

Suitable for all types of standard prints, screen printing, offset, hot stamping, dry embossing, American embossing, printing with UV ink, digital printing with solvent ink, laser printing, inkjet printing also appropriate for cutting, laminating and binding. They are special to support advertising works, which aim to fix the image with grace, beauty, refinement and sophistication, setting the consumer perception and hold him, with subtlety, to maintain your product or service, for a longer time in his memory.

They hold glamour to invitations, folders, catalogs, notebooks, magazines, organizers, displays, business cards, boxes, albums, scrapbooking, in general, all graphic project which hosts the exclamation of beauty and good taste, enhancing its diamond brightness, textures and lighting effects in this limitless universe of creativity.

DIAMOND PAPERS ensures sustainability in the supply, thus ensuring a perfect harmony between the Advertising and production system, and provide adequate cost to projects. Papers are available in 80, 120, 240, 300 or 400 gr. (or other weight on request), in the size of 65 x 95 cm.

In case of need, you can order an exclusive line for your client or your project, or even the implementation of the coating in other materials such as cardboard, stiff card, etc.

The papers of the DIAMOND PAPERS, reach their maximum brightness when exposed to sunlight or incandescent light (yellow light), observe and be dazzled by their beauty.


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