Rendas Back

Skilled and agile hands create delicate forms on tissue, soft and bright colors, transparencies of seduction.
DIAMOND joined this fine art work in the elegant universe of pearly papers.
The mission of transforming the exuberance of these papers on creative and enlightened projects is given to you.

Suggested Uses: Invitations, envelopes, business cards, folders, menus, case bound planning notebooks and books, gift boxes, agendas, scrapbooking, tags, origami, Kirigami, or whatever your imagination wants to create...

Printing types recommended: Offset or UV ink, vinyl screen-printing or UV, hot stamping, ink or laser printers, dry and American embossing, calligraphy. Finish: Cut and embossing, binding, coating.

Format: 95 x 65 cm.
GSM: 80, 120, 180, 240*.
Single face designed
* Except Racine and Macramé

Screen Chamoix Alençon 80gr e 180gr Allegro 80gr e 180gr Artic Fire 80gr e 180gr Bilro 80gr e 180gr
Binche 80gr e 180gr Calais 80gre 180gr Chamoix 80gr 120gr 180gr 240gr Chantilly 80gr e 180gr Duchesse 80gr e 180gr
Elegance 80gr 120gr 180gr 240gr France 80gr 120gr 180gr 240gr Gripure 80gr e 180gr Ibiza 80gr e 180gr Inocencce 80gr
Italian 80gr 120gr 180gr 240gr Kira 80gr e 180gr Macramê 80gr 120gr e 180gr Racine 80gr 120gr e 180gr Renascence 80gr 120gr 180gr 240gr
Spetacula 80gr e 180gr Vallenciana 80gr 120gr 180gr 240gr Viverys 80gr e 180gr Breeze Ciel Bleu
Colore Originale Pinkish.    


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